Hello, and welcome to my mind. Don’t take it so literally. This is where I put most of my thoughts. Thoughts about me, thoughts about pain, thoughts about love and loss. I write to feel and to let go; to reach my center and to lick my scars.

This is where I come to recharge and make sense of the craziness around me.

You’ll also find some crazy thoughts on the politics of the day, as well as my skewed interpretation of our society and its underpinnings. Plus, a few conversations about the work I do.

Things can get a bit raunchy in this brain sometimes, so prepare to witness some explicit discussions as we move along. There’s also a lot of football and a lot of singing.

It’s a weird but fun ride inside this mind of mine; just be sure to keep your seatbelt on as we explore the madness that is within.

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I can’t wait to work with you…